Writing Your Future

Book One: Before Your Get Started

Writing is a very personal and intimate process. It isn’t just sitting and putting words on a paper and expecting others to enjoy reading it. My intention for this e-book is that you would be more confident in beginning your process or even to put it aside until you are ready. Through each chapter, I stir your thinking with some questions to help you arrive at a point of self-assessment of whether or not you are ready to begin the writing process. Are you ready to begin?

Writing Your Future

Book Two: Project Building

Ready to begin a writing project and in need of some tools to get started? If you find that you are ready to commit to the writing process and you are considering a particular writing project, then I have included some tips on how to go about that. From beginning the building project for your writing platform, to budgeting, and everything in between, my hope is to leave you with a toolbox full of tools that you can use to be successful in your project.




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