Fiercely Silent Began With A Divine Purpose: The Courage To Tear Down The Barriers That Have Been Erected To Keep Every Woman From Reaching Her God-Given Destiny. It Birthed A Mission To Never See Another Woman Feel Condemned For Choosing To Follow The Call Upon Her Life, Or To Feel Like Her Destiny Didn't Matter Because She Was A Woman. But Within That Mission, God Birthed Much More In My Heart.

God Desires That Not Only Women, But Both His Sons And Daughters Would Come To The Same Freedom Found In Jesus! He Cares That Every Single Human Being Come To Know How Much He Loves Them. And That Each Would Bravely Become Who They Were Created To Be. Being Brave And Courageous Isn't About Being Perfect Or Being Visible. It Has Been About Being Unafraid To Be Invisible To Reach Those Who Are Forgotten. For Every Child Of God Who Has Tired Themselves In The Battle Of Worth And Identity. We Stand Together For The Cause Of Freedom Found Only In Relationship With Jesus.

Jeremiah 9:24a says: "But those who wish to boast should boast in this alone:
that they truly know me and understand that I am the Lord."WHY Jeremiah 9:24? This Passage Reminds Us What God Desires Most, And That Is For Us To Know Him Intimately. This Is Our Purpose. We Become Fierce As We Stand Firm Upon The Foundation Of His Word. We Choose To Be Silent As We Live, Not As The World Says, But As Children Of The Living God Standing Confidently In Peace Knowing That He Goes Before Us. For Silence Is Not Without Action, But Firm In Confident Trust.

You May Have Forgotten Your Purpose. You May Have Never Dreamed Of Having One. My Dear Brothers And Sisters In Christ. You Were Made For More Than Mundane Living. You Were Placed Here For More Than Monotony Or Mediocrity. You Were Placed On This Earth To Be The Change. To Walk Out Those Unique Gifts That Are Hiding Within You. So As You Read Each Contributors Words, Remember. You Are Also Called To Be Free And Set Others Free. And Most Importantly That You Would Stand With Me As Fiercely Silent...