Release Date: 2019

Reignite is for those who find themselves stuck at the “starting line” of their purpose. They are insecure in their relationship with Jesus, so life has paralyzed them from committing fully to the race ahead. My prayer is that each person will allow the Holy Spirit to “jump start” their hearts to not only run the race of this life, but finish the race strong!!!


In Pursuit of Purpose

Release Date: March 15, 2017

My heart for this book is for people of all walks of life to sit down and evaluate their place in this world. Contrary to what we believe about ourselves, we were created for a purpose. Whether you believe in God or not, He cares for you. He loves you and designed you to play a vital part in this life. Even more, He desires for you to know Him. Intimately. Religion was never God's plan. Relationship was. In my book, the message is this: God desires that you fulfill all that He has for you. But it must begin with Him. You are not a mistake. How He created you plays an important part in who He destined to be. You must come to know Him and see yourself that way that He does. Only then will you be able to fulfill all He has destined for you. This is the purpose you were destined to pursue. Find Him. Find purpose.

In Pursuit of Purpose
By Natasha Tubbs

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Writing Your Future

Book One: Before You Get Started

Writing is a very personal and intimate process. It isn’t just sitting and putting words on a paper and expecting others to enjoy reading it. The messages of our hearts that are meant to touch the world are those that first touch our own lives. They will stir the fire within us until we can no longer be still, until our only option is to pour it out! This is when writing begins.

My intention for this e-book is that you would be more confident in beginning your process or even to put it aside until you are ready. No matter the choice you decide, you know better than anyone if it is the right time for you. Through each chapter, you will be asked a series of questions to help you arrive at a point of self-assessment of whether or not you are ready to begin the writing process.

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