Ease The Sail: Part 1

Ease The Sail: Part 1

So far this year, I have quite an experience. It hasn’t necessarily been eventful, but it has been freeing. I have found that after the last wild 3 years I have had, this year has opened my eyes up to something special: freedom.

As a child of the Creator of the universe, freedom is a given. Because through Christ, I have been freed from the prison of sin. When Jesus gave His life for us, He paid the debt we owed (John 3:16). In exchange, freedom became the new norm, rather than the chains of my failures.

But this year, 2019, I am different. Freedom has taken on a new perspective for me. You see, the freedom isn’t so much from sin, but from myself. Freedom to feel emotions. Freedom to be the “me” God created me to be no matter what that may look like. Freedom to step into the unknown that God is calling me to and leaving the shore behind.

And so there has been a song in my heart this year: Sails by Pat Barret. This song has been such a force in my heart that it has caused me to leave behind the swimming pool of my heart and dive into the deep of the ocean. To be willing to go so deep with the Father that I could care less if the shore is within view. The sailboat that I wear around my neck symbolizes this great adventure!

So why this song? Well, I don’t really have words to describe it, other than a call deep within my soul. A call that beckons me to be uncontrolled, authentic, courageous, bold, and passionate. All the things that breathe of God’s goodness and faithfulness!

In nautical terms, letting the sail out depowers the boat. It lets the tension off the line that would otherwise power it forward.[1] In other words, when we let the “sails out” in our lives, we give God the freedom to lead. We trust Him with our direction. We become like sailboats floating in a sea of hope and life. Wherever we end up will not be a failure or accident, but an intentional direction with Jesus at the helm. And what was once impossible becomes possible because our Father’s purposes for us are always good (Romans 8:28)!

Are you holding tight to the sailboat of your life afraid of losing control? Or maybe you are feeling like your life is so off course that you cannot possibly find your way? Are your emotions wound so tight that you feel like you are a volcano ready to burst? Are you feeling misunderstood or frustrated? Well, I have good news for you, no matter what you may see off in the distance of your life, God is not far away! He is concerned with every wave that tosses against your boat. He collects every tear that you shed as you drift deeper. But know, He can be trusted. He is faithful. He is sure.

Go ahead my friend. Ease your sail and let it out. The adventure with Him is worth it…

Tasha >>>>

[1] https://www.quora.com/What-does-I-let-the-sail-out-mean-1

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays