My Book

     I am very excited to be taking the many things I have been writing and placing them into a book. If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be self-publishing a book, I would have laughed. I had no idea what my identity truly was. I was basing all that I was upon my circumstances and it had me barely surviving. I pray that you get to encounter Jesus through each page. Some things will seem familiar. That was my intention. I believe what God has placed in my heart remains to be relevant. At the end of each chapter are discussion questions. I pray that you journal, write in the margins, and discuss all that this process does in your heart. There is nothing quite like looking back at where God has brought you from. More than anything I pray it brings you closer to His heart where you find your purpose. 

     The book is currently for pre-order on It releases on March 31st! But, because you have followed along with me, I have given you an inside peek. Go ahead and click on the tab labeled My Book and you will find the introduction.


My Story

Featured Contributor: Crisie Hutchings

Featured Contributor: Crisie Hutchings