We Are All Qualified!

We Are All Qualified!

     I have heard some amazing teachings on how God qualifies those he calls. In other words, you do not need a degrees, or training, or even need to feel adequate, yet God can still use you! I love those teachings because they reveal that it has never been about us, but always about him. We have a loving father who cares less about where we have or have not been, but cares more about showing his love in us and through us. Recently however, God has been speaking to my heart concerning what isn’t being spoken.

     The question then is, what about when you are qualified? What I mean is, I have many accomplishments that I have worked hard for. But I feel like I haven’t really stepped into the fullness of all God has established for my journey until very recently for one reason. I have spent way too many years hiding the accomplishments in my life out of fear of what others may think. Ridiculous? Yeah, but honest. I have hidden the depths and grandeur of the dreams God has placed in my heart out of fear of being misunderstood as being prideful, or the worse, being un-relatable. But I am thankful for the Holy Spirit who doesn’t allow our hearts to stay in that place!

     We all have a very unique journey encompassed by our corporate mission as children of God. We know that we are called to be a light into the dark world around us. And in that, there exists the unique gifts, talents, and passions that God has etched into our very framework that he uses to shine through us. A decision must be made in our hearts. Will I hide who I am? Or will I step into ALL that I was created for without fear?

     I say all of this to say, it is NOT bad to be qualified. It is NOT a bad thing to have experience and specialize in particular areas. When was the last time that we saw a Doctor or a Lawyer refuse to fill their destiny out of fear that people would know that they are qualified?!?! It does not happen! So why are we as the body of Christ hiding who God created us to be? We each have a special role in the body of Christ! No person is ever unqualified or missing anything. God has designed you on purpose and for purpose!

     In fact, our feelings of inadequacy have less to do with our accomplishments, but with our heart. Ephesians 2:8-9 says, “God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.” We are qualified firstly because of what Christ has done, not because of our works or accomplishments. Second, any feelings we have that are contrary to that have to do with those fiery darts that our enemy uses to pierce our minds and strip us of the wholeness of mind that comes only by the Spirit of God (Ephesians 6:16).

     I have spent that last month reading Romans 12:1-2 over and over. Until this week, I had no idea why. I know this passage by heart! But God was speaking something to me. He was speaking to something deep within my own heart. I believe some of you can relate: We have walked the path God had for us. We have been faithful and stewarded what He has placed in our lives. But we have given in to the opinions of others. If we are not mindful, we will fall into the trap that we have either “arrived” because of our qualifications, or that we should hide them so others don’t feel uncomfortable.

     Don’t hide your journey any longer. Whether it is filled to the brim with accomplishments or it isn’t. God is looking for those who will be obedient. He is looking for those who are willing to stand in the trenches with the broken. Our unique journey will serve a unique purpose in this world. Whatever it may be, don’t hide it! Allow God to use it, for His glory. To God, we are all qualified because we are accepted by God. So put off those thoughts of comparison and rejection (2 Cor. 10:5). God desires to use you!

     So, what are you walking through that you have hidden? What are the words that you have been speaking to yourself? Shame and guilt keep us captive when we have already been freed through Christ Jesus’s work at the cross. What is it that God is calling you to? Will you trust Him and step out?

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