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I am purely passionate about seeing women free. At one time in my life, I was fully imprisoned as a women who had no passion, no pursuit, and a stranger to her destiny. One day that all changed. I was found. God who used to be far off, was indeed close and personal. He took me, a lost angry girl, and gave me vision. He loved me into a pursuit and passion that I could have not designed if I tried. Since that day, He set me on a path to find those who were lost and grasp their hands.

He set me on a journey of reaching those that others were too afraid to approach. When you break off your marriage to anger, you develop a freedom like no other! In Jesus, there is hope beyond your circumstance and freedom everlasting. A bravery that was once hidden behind the shelf of my heart was dusted off by my Savior and set ablaze. You are destined to be free. As a Woman. Daughter. Sister. Mother. Wife. And Friend. You were meant to be Love. And to be Loved.

As I walk on my journey to empowering women to find their destiny, I want you to remember that the destination is quite different than the journey itself. I myself am no stranger to failed expectations. I walk every single day as you do. I make mistakes. I am imperfect. But I know for a fact that without Jesus, it would all be frustrating and near impossible. But don't let that disqualify you from becoming exactly who you were created to be! So as you follow my journey and we walk this thing out together remember this: "Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ" (1 Corinthians 11:1). 

Thanks for coming along,

Tasha >>>>

Authority or Control: Part 1

Authority or Control: Part 1